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romanian translations
romanian translations
romanian translations

" can be sure your project will be handled
with accuracy, efficiency,
and attention to detail at
all levels." - Siemens
romanian translations
Where necessary, we use translation memory software and terminology tools to ensure consistency and quality in translation projects.

We consistently implement the latest in translation tools and methodology in order to improve quality and cut down operating costs.

Using CAT tools, we are able to apply discounts on projects that contain substantial duplication and speed up turnaround and enhance consistency.

Translations based on previous versions are billed according to the new translation only the cost savings being passed to our customers.
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We deliver your translated documents in the same format and look as the source.

Ensuring that the translated documents have the same format and layout as the source, our Desktop Publishers are so accurate, that you can hardly tell the translation layout from the original.

Schematics, diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, flowcharts our desktop publishers effectively reproduce them in the most up-to-date and compatible format.
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