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romanian translations
romanian translations

63.5% of the total estimated online population (~403 million people) speak a native language other than English. (GlobalReach)

We support you in developing the right strategy to internationalize your product and benefit from a reduced time-to-market and lower costs of your localization.
romanian translations
" Web users are 4 times more likely to purchase from a site with content in
their own language and spend twice as long on the page."
- Forrester Research

Net surfers search the Internet in their own language and on their own terms. That's why website localization is the only way to take advantage of worldwide Internet-influenced business booming.

If your website is currently only in English, you are missing out on the huge online market in other important world languages. We now live in a global marketplace and only those companies that open themselves up to international trade will thrive.

professional localization services
To succeed on foreign markets you must tailor your product to local requirements. We provide a full localization service for software, corporate literature, manuals, marketing campaigns.

As with any translation project it is not enough to simply convert the text into the target language. There are countless examples of global marketing campaigns that have failed because of unforeseen cultural issues, therefore every aspect of your communications must be examined for cultural sensitive issues.

To create a favorable impression precision is a must but when it comes to localization attention to current cultural nuances is the key.

Access to lexicons associated with specific industry sectors as well as local knowledge of current terminology is vital to quality and effective localization.
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