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We care about our customers, we care about our long-term reputation and we care about long-term business relationships.
romanian translations
Every time our business needs accurate, fast and on-time translations, we work with CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST. Ask for their services and you can be sure your project will be handled with accuracy, efficiency and attention to detail at all levels." - Siemens

"When we need translations of our specialized technical documents, our first option is CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST, to have the satisfaction of translations as reliable and accurate as the products we make." - Schindler

"We have already worked on an impressive number of pages with the company CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST on highly difficult translations in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, and we've always noticed the same professional attitude to the customer: accuracy in the shortest time possible." - Wyeth Pharma

"All our technical and marketing materials related to our lubricants business are translated
at top quality standards by our local partner, the company CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST.
The translation services they provide are accurate, fast and always on time." - Exxon Mobil

"Both translation and interpreting services provided by the company CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST deserve our warmest recommendations and the promise of a long-term partnership." - Raytheon International, Inc.

"One of the basic needs of an advertising agency is translations and adaptations of advertising texts in various languages. We have found an answer to our needs in CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST, a company which manages to impress us every time by the quality, promptness and competitive prices of their services." - Leo Burnett & Target

"Our business relation with CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST has been beneficial from the very beginning, one that's worth having on a long term." - Garanti Bank International NV

"With CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST we can always be sure that the translations we need, whether legal, medical or technical, are delivered on time and the service quality meet our high standards." - Medicare Group

"Our partnership with CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST SRL as concerns translations in the aircraft field has constantly proven to be fruitful. Top quality translations always on time:
this is the reason why we strongly recommend the services provided by CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST SRL." - Austrian Airlines

"We are grateful to CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST SRL for the quality of the services provided and for their prompt response to our requirements." - J&P Avax

"Apart from topmost quality interpreting services provided by CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST SRL, we also benefited from their support and understanding whenever we needed. As we enjoyed working with their professional interpreters, we hope for a long-standing future cooperation." - Romanian National Institute of Statistics

"As a top insurance company, we cooperate only with professional translators. CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST SRL has always responded promptly to our requirements for translations in the legal and insurance field. Difficult translations or meeting very tight deadlines has never been a problem for them." - Grawe Insurance Romania

"We recommend the services of CREATIV EUROPEAN TRUST SRL for their professionalism, fastness and accuracy. Best quality translations in the legal and technical fields and attractive quality-price ratios have made us wish for future cooperation as well." - Kontirom
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